Rashila Nama, Tassic founder and director, has over 20 years’ experience in HR. Her exceptional people skills and progressive stance are at the heart of Tassic’s approach. Throughout her career, she has worked for high profile companies, including Financial Times, Penguin Books, and London’s Air Ambulance. Rashila’s experience across a broad range of sectors gives her a unique perspective and invaluable commercial awareness.

In 2015, Rashila founded Tassic and is now supported by a passionate and pragmatic team. Since then, our client base has rapidly grown and we have supported businesses such as The Media Eye, Spudulike, Post-Quantum, Patara, Pass the Keys, Wilderness Agency and United Synagogues.

At Tassic, we believe valuing people is a powerful way of improving motivation and creating positive employee experiences. Your people strategy should reflect your business strategy and ethos, so taking the time to understand what you do is the foundation of our approach. We pride ourselves on developing and inspiring leaders to bring out the best in their people.

We believe recognising individuality is vital for engagement. Policies, procedures, and communications should always have a human touch. Working in collaboration with your leaders, we aim to a create culture that embraces change and supports your business goals. We encourage healthy disruption because we believe that conventional HR won’t develop the kind of leaders we need for the future. 


We work with companies to gain a deep understanding of their business strategy.


Company DNA needs to be effectively communicated. This starts with recruitment.


The challenge in managing people is developing a culture where change is embraced.


The impact of legal rights and employment regulations can be underestimated.


Development can be better quantified as part of business performance.


Managing people can be challenging. We provide a nurturing support structure.