Wilderness, London

Tassic have been a huge support to our business. Rashila and the team are highly professional and have helped to develop our people strategy and establish our company policies.

Tom Jarvis, Managing Director

Contagious, London

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Contagious, London

Rashila has been an intrinsic part of the success of Contagious, working with us to build a culture of curiosity, respect and connectivity.  Rashila has build these values and HR practices are in place worldwide

Simon Wylie, CEO

The Media Eye

Rashila’s exceptional people skills, perception and understanding of commercial pressures has always made her a sheer joy to work with. Rashila’s energy, wisdom and ability are both infectious and refreshing

Caroline Citrin, Managing Director

Kitchen8, London

Tassic has been supporting Kitchen8, a boutique innovation company, with talent management, attraction and retainment for many years. We highly value their service, empathy and business understanding.

Daniela Barrera, Founder & CEO

Bridgeman Images

Getting clear, understandable and practical advice in HR is critical to running a successful business and this invaluable advice is something we have always received from Rashila. I would highly recommend Tassic.

Jack Mayne, Chief Operating Officer.