Looking back, could you have imagined a time where you and your team would work from hot desks and flexible spaces? Where your office for the day consists of shared creative space, a sofa and working next to the MD of another company. The Googles of this world have led the movement towards creative, beautifully designed, and quirky working spaces.

Employers are increasingly recognising the benefits of individuality and this comes with a need for flexibility and trust.

We now live in an age where jobs can be done – and companies can be run – from anywhere.  

As we start 2018 at Tassic, we have retained talent and strength within our business by embracing trust, building relationships, using new spaces and having a flexible mindset. We attain this by:

  • Making people our priority
  • Collaboration
  • Knowledge sharing which inspires engagement
  • Respect
  • Transparency – the entire team is involved in setting and achieving company goals
  • Healthy disruption

This week we moved to our very own Tassic office in Moorgate at Spaces London City Point. A dynamic community workspace that cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit and nurtures creativity.

Spaces is still a fairly new concept for Regus as they expand their offering to attract more creatives and entrepreneurs. We were attracted to Spaces City Point by the opportunity to have a permanent office but also maintain access to a mobile co-working space. The offices have a contemporary but professional feel (although the no pet policy did disappoint some!) and they offer a full calendar of business events and networking lunches, giving us the opportunity to continue networking with a multitude of business and individuals. It combines the benefits of a traditional office setting, in terms of socialisation and collaboration, with the freedom and solitude when using the dedicated co-working area or working from home.

On an average day, our team are spread across various locations, from client offices to working from home, to our office in London.  By instilling trust and giving the team flexibility, we have developed a talent pool that brings together unique perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences.  A study by economists at the University of Warwick found that happiness led to a 12% spike in productivity, while unhappy workers proved 10% less productive. The team is encouraged to work autonomously, which, in turn, has to lead to exponential business growth. A little trust does go a long way. 

We believe these types of workspaces to be the future, as they combine the best of old and new, giving people the freedom to work and create in a way unlike any other time in history.

In the area? Why not pop in and say hi. We would love to talk to you and hear your story.