Focus on People Strategy with clear objectives and outcomes. This approach continuously assesses and nurtures employees and team’s capabilities to ensure contribution is aligned to business strategy and growth. This differs from HR strategy which facilitates the delivery of operational HR administration, processes and compliance.


Company culture needs to be communicated from the word “go”. Don’t lose out on top talent because you’ve undersold your business. Find out how Tassic can support your recruitment strategy and develop your employer brand.


We understand the impact business culture has on performance, motivation, and fulfilment; and more importantly, how to optimise it. Developing a culture where change is embraced is key to any business.


In our experience the impact of employment rights and regulations can be underestimated. Whether you need the bare necessities to prevent employment tribunals, or require HR Consultancy services to manage complex situations, Tassic can help.


We believe training and development strategies should be intrinsically linked to the business strategy, and respect individuality. Our approach encourages knowledge sharing, mentorship and facilitates development.