Employee perks engender loyalty, increase retention rates and create happier teams. But it seems that standard benefits aren’t cutting the mustard. Free beer, a ping pong table and pizza Fridays are now passé. In a bid to stand out, companies are getting creative with their employee perks.

Glassdoor reports that 34% of people consider perks the most important consideration in accepting a job.

We look at some of the quirkiest employee benefits …

Pawternity leave

We’ve all heard about ‘Bring your dog to work’ policies, but what about paid puppy leave? Some companies are offering a few days’ paid leave to employees who get a new dog, so they have some time to settle them in. Other employers go even further and offer two weeks leave if you adopt a rescue dog, or compassionate leave for pets.

“Bring your parents to work” Day

LinkedIn have introduced a ‘Bring your parents to work’ day with the aim of thanking them for their advice and support. LinkedIn also say that this will help parents understand what you do and “you might be surprised at just how much they can relate and the helpful advice they’ll have.”

Hangover Days

Ticketing firm DICE give their employees hangover days. It’s stipulated in their contract that they can have up to four non-working days if they have had a heavy night. To claim a hangover, all they have to do is send the ‘music’, ‘beer’ and ‘sick’ emoji to their manager. The night does have to be work-related, though.

Concierge, Laundry and Cleaning Services

Some employers are taking care of those every day, time-consuming but essential jobs – from shopping to taking the car for its MOT, to waiting in for the gas boiler repairman. Imagine taking your laundry into work and it’s washed, ironed and returned the next day! Meanwhile, US tech company Evernote sends a cleaner to your house twice a month.

Luggage Parties

A law firm in Chicago asks its employees to turn up to work with their luggage on a specified day each year. A lottery takes place and four lucky employees are flown to Las Vegas for an all-expenses-paid weekend.

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