Don't let outdated HR hold you back

As a company operating in a shared office space, we get to meet some truly innovative entrepreneurs. Most of them have a few things in common such as unique business ideas and a burning passion to succeed. But with all this time being dedicated to developing an incredible business, we often see HR being given the back seat. Outdated HR processes shouldn’t ever hold brilliant ideas back – they should empower them! This is where people management experts such as Tassic can really add value.

In a small business, HR responsibilities are usually assigned to the same person who also looks after finance, and general office management. Armed with only a filing cabinet, MS Excel and the Sunday paper for record-keeping and regulatory compliance, these guys are constantly chasing their tail to keep up with their workload. This can only result to human error, delays in processes and in worst cases, legal fines.

  • Are you finding managing HR administration onerous?
  • Do you record details of holidays, sickness and absences manually on paper and then file it away in folders along with offer letters and contracts?
  • Is your employee data held on excel?

As you look at the holiday chart on the wall, you probably already know this isn’t the way to go. It might work in the short term but problems will arise as the business expands.

Take a longer term view. It’s important to have a proper HR system in place which looks after these issues automatically. The right HR software helps small businesses alleviate these pain points, and the potential legal ramifications that accompany them.

From tracking absences and holidays, to securely storing important employee information such as contracts, CVs, and payroll details; having the right HR business software improves companies of all sizes.

The Cloud: One of our favourite features

With the advent of cloud based systems, information can be easily accessed around the clock and on any device. These systems also allow HR people to set certain parameters for each individual. It ensures proper tracking in a confidential setting without slowing processes down.

The list of benefits is endless, so what is stopping you from getting Techy? Most small businesses have a ‘real sense’ of their costs per head, but we can guarantee that not only are the right HR systems very cost effective, they make your business look professional and simplify the day to day.

We understand there’s a long list of software available out there, why not call in one of our HR professionals to guide you through your choices. After all, less time spent worrying about the efficiency of HR means more time in bringing your ideas to life.

Take a longer term view. It’s important to have a proper HR system in place which looks after issues automatically.