HR in hospitality is changing – it’s not just about firefighting anymore. It’s about creating lasting strategies that address the challenges in the industry and encourage your people to deliver the best customer service. It’s about connecting people practices to business practices, because ‘your people are your brand’.

Taking this approach will help you maintain a competitive edge when attracting talent now and in the future.

These are the top three HR challenges facing hospitality and what you can do about them…

1. Recruitment and Bridging the Skills Gap

It’s impossible to think about the skills gap without mentioning Brexit and the uncertainty it brings for recruitment. Around a quarter the UK’s hospitality workforce are EU nationals, so it’s never been more important to review your recruitment strategy.

“Nine out of ten UK restaurateurs already struggle to recruit new staff – and more than half expect it to get harder after Brexit”

Build proud, professional and committed team members who reflect your brand values by:

2. Employment Regulations & Compliance – Protect your Reputation

Employment regulations are becoming increasingly complex and the government are clamping down on non-compliance. In addition, The Supreme Court ruled that Employment Tribunal fees were unlawful, which is likely to lead to an increase in claims.  What’s more, sites like Glassdoor are encouraging employees to review their employers online.

This transparency in the public eye is both a blessing and a curse. It could lead to considerable cost and brand damage. But if you get it right, these same review sites will give you a competitive advantage.

Here are some of the key pieces of legislation you should watch out for:

Increasing efficiency & reducing labour costs

The latest technological advancements can free up managers to focus on the things that really matter and to address challenges such as labour cost and team morale.

Empower your people to deliver excellent customer service by:

  • Reviewing and investing in the best software for your business needs e.g. Time & Attendance, Staff budgeting, Forecasting, and Performance
  • Streamlining to improve and automate HR processes and ensure compliance
  • Using labour optimisation tools to control staff costs and manage profit margins
  • Identifying and addressing reasons for staff turnover

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