Rashila Nama

People Management and HR Consultant

For the last 20 years’ I have been partnering with small to medium size businesses to provide people management expertise and create positive employee experiences. I do this by working with Executive teams to define their People Strategy, effective leadership competencies and behaviours; mentoring and guiding leadership actions and practices; helping leaders and managers navigate critical moments – planned (hiring, onboarding, performance reviews) and unplanned (personal issues, workplace conflict, change etc.)

My commercial insights, progressive stance and pragmatic approach provides a trusted sounding board and independent perspective for CEOs or as a specialist advisor to support internal HR teams.

I believe recognising individuality and respecting diversity and supporting mental health and well-being is vital to engagement. I help people find clarity and confidence in transforming moments that may seem overwhelming or daunting into opportunities for development, albeit this may not seem possible initially. The results are people are happier, more productive and more prepared for change. 

My clients work with me because of my passion, empathy and ability to share my knowledge to create learning opportunities for everyone that I interact with. My ability to align people strategy with commercial growth is particularly significant as the role of HR changes and the future of work and the role of managers is redefined as a result of the pandemic.