Yesterday I had 3 windows open and a fan pointing straight at me – I’m lucky, my job allows me to work from home from time to time.

This week I really appreciated not having to join London commuters in the sweltering 36-degree inferno that is the underground!

Being from Mauritius, I’m not one to complain about the heat and I definitely make the most of these rare British summer days. But with temperatures set to rocket even further, we need to be ready to battle the sizzling sun!

Here are a few handy hints I came across to help the everyday commuter:

  • Avoid the central line – leave that little bit earlier to try and take the Overground lines or air-conditioned circle line
  • A hand-held fan is your best friend
  • Keep your water bottles topped up. A cold beer at the pub doesn’t count I’m afraid – alcohol is dehydrating, and the same goes for teas/coffees!
  • You could even stick your water bottle in the freezer the night before so it stays cold and doubles-up as an ice pack
  • Unplug electrical devices (this might not be possible in the office but every little helps when you are trying to cool down)
  • If you have to wear a suit to work, slip on something lighter for the commute.
  • Mist yourself (with a cooling spray)

As we know, London can’t handle extreme weatherhot or coldso plan alternative journeys home in case you need a backup route.

Finally, enjoy this weather whilst it lasts!

If you're tempted to take a day off, our advice is to always request holiday rather than pulling a sickie!