Making Exit Interviews Meaningful

Encouraging meaningful feedback from employees should be a priority for all…

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Managing Compliance and People
the simple way

Modern workforce management systems like Bizimply can take a lot of the pain…

Growing Pains – Protecting your startup culture

Values, communication, and people shape workplace culture.

Employment Law

The whole truth and nothing but – Employment Tribunal Verdicts

A database of Employment Tribunal decisions is now available free on the…

Gig economy

Uber’s wrong turn: Self-employed vs. Worker status

Lessons learnt from the Uber Employment Tribunal

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Our clients often get in touch when they’re thinking of taking on an intern.…

Creating the best CV

Writing the Perfect CV

During the latter part of 2015 I found myself offering quite a bit of CV advice…

Team work

Ping Pong – Adopt a Teaming Mindset

For employees of many small and medium companies, Ping Pong is a great form of…

Look after employees

Five Ways To Keep Employees Happy

Good leadership and development is one of the main reasons employees stay in…

Keep workers

Employee Churn: Making Sense of the Whirlpool

Attrition is a vital measure of leadership and business success. In smaller…