YouWork WeWork.

Tassic has recently moved home to WeWork Spitalfields, and last Friday we received a fantastic welcome at happy hour drinks. WeWork is a community space in London which brings people together whatever they work on. On Friday, this community spirit was evident. The way members are brought together was effortless. It was great to see people mingling, networking or just chilling with their own teams.

One of the things that really attracted Tassic to WeWork, is the positive engaging energy that we have experienced from the WeWork Management Team. Keep it up guys. The enthusiasm we felt from you is what has prompted me to write this blog and tell my story.

In April 2015 I launched Tassic meaning all things amazing – people and communications related. Classic, fantastic, charismatic, enthusiastic, dynamic, diplomatic, prismatic, cinematic! I want businesses to feel as passionate about people management as I do (and embracing the challenges that are part of the package). People are what create your business DNA.

What I’ve learnt from experience though is most founders and leaders only call upon people management and HR experts when there is a problem. Or after certain cultural traits and behaviours have become imbedded. This is partly due to the fact that HR has a reputation of being led and directed by conventional process driven, legally focused HR Directors and managers. Well, I believe it’s just as important to keep your eyes on the prize – the commercial goals and objectives – as it is keeping companies out of employment tribunals. Otherwise you’re probably losing sight of the real value and contribution people can make to the success of a business. And isn’t that why we’re all here?

Talking to other WeWork members and SMEs it was clear everyone’s facing the same challenge: attracting, recruiting and retaining talent. Most small businesses tend to think this is because they are facing tough competition from the bigger players who have higher salaries and better benefits to offer. It’s not always the case and this is an area that People Management experts like Tassic can make a big difference.

As a growing business, don’t underestimate what you have to offer in terms of your employee proposition. The working environment and entrepreneurial company spirit plays a big part in your offer to potential and current employees, as does your employer branding and presence. But successfully attracting top talent is also about resource planning, contribution, development, team connectivity and leadership. (All the while remaining legally compliant without suffocating the essence which makes you, you!)

Tassic provide flexible professional expertise. Managing people can be challenging. Our services are about freeing up leaders’ bandwidth, reassurance, unparalleled people skills, wisdom when it’s needed, and minimising risk. All while still keeping the human touch.

Sometimes it is just about knowing and being open to what the alternatives are.

In the area? Why not pop in and say hi. We would love to talk to you and hear your story.